Halima’s Story

Dear Laurita,

I write to you with love.

Halima Juma Kasim was born on 15/3/2006 (March 15, 2006) with spina bifida.

She is among the lucky few children with SBH (spina bifida and hydrocephalus) in school in Tanzania. Though, her luck is questioned because as a result of her disability, she is not given exams nor end of term report in school – making it hard to know her progress academically.

Her teacher doesn’t have extra time to spend with her during class time, hence making her lag behind academically.

She studies at Manzese Ukombozi primary school (Community School). She is in primary two and lives with her single mother.

Thank you for giving our children Hope. The wheelchair you see in the pics got spoilt making it hard for her to go to school. Thank you once more for this opportunity that you have given our daughter, hope and light. Education is everything to a child, it’s a ticket to independence.

Thank you.”

— Sifa 
(our angel in Tanzania)  ?

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