Spina Bifida affects half a million people worldwide.

The Laurita Spina Bifida Project

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The Laurita Spina Bifida Project, Inc. (The LSB Project) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Laurita Tellado. Our mission is to start a global conversation about spina bifida, while connecting individuals and families living with it around the world, and to educate health professionals from all fields on the issues affecting this community, including mental health and adult-centered care as part of the action plan.

laurita tellado
Ambrose Ganshanga

Children with spina bifida continue to be discriminated against, especially in the developing world. They are denied a chance to participate in activities that promote inclusive development in societies. This makes them more vulnerable to secondary disabilities, all forms of abuse, and always at risk of early mortality.

However, working together, with your support, we can make a difference in their lives. Thanks to The Laurita Spina Bifida Project for all the efforts to reach millions of such children.

Ambrose Ganshanga
Founder & Director, Hope Inclusive School, Uganda


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